A Message to our Boothbay Harbor Fest Friends

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

As we all do our best to navigate through this unimaginable crisis, the only thing for certain is that we are all in it together.  And if we ride it out together, we will conquer it together.

Until that glorious day arrives, we are sending love, peace and positive vibes your way. For now, please Stay Safe and Stay Home! The bright side is that it's March and not July! And if we can tough it out now, our chances for a fun filled, healthy summer are far greater!

We can spend our isolation enjoying things we can't always find time to do in our busy lives! Take a bubble bath, write a letter to an old friend, spring clean, find a quiet place to take a walk, listen to the sounds of Mother Nature, count our blessings. And we can continue to plan for the future as we remain thoughtful of the present.   We must remain confident that normalcy will return soon, which includes plans for the 9th Annual Boothbay Harbor Fest We began planning long before COVID-19 came along and we're not stopping now! We will move forward with hope and faith for brighter days ahead, and with patience to take it one day at a time.

And we will work extra hard to find reasons to smile, even when we don't feel like it.

We've included a stockpile of happy memories for those moments when a smile boost might be helpful.

Nine years of building lifelong friendships at Boothbay Harbor Fest.

Until we meet again.....

Be Safe, Stay Healthy and Smile as often as possible!

The Harbor Fest Team

Ps...tickets are on sale and full refunds will be granted if the festival is cancelled.

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